High quality pipe clamps and supports production

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Masa-Metalli Oy specialises in the manufacture of pipe supports and clamps. We serve customers throughout Finland and Europe and manufacture high quality products for heating plants, pipe contractors and wholesalers. We can manufacture both standard and customised products.


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Pipe clamps

Our company manufactures pipe clamps and supports for a wide range of needs.


We manufacture products according to SFS standards as well as tailor-made designs.


We use Fe, RST, HST, 13CRMo4-5, 16Mo3 and Al.


DEKRA's certification service carries out an annual performance and internal quality control (FCP) assessment of our load-bearing metal structures and issues the EN 1090-1 certificate.


We have a permanent CE label for all our products.

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Attachment of pipe clamps

We also manufacture lightweight steel structures to customer specifications for a wide range of applications. Our steel structures help to keep the pipes in place.


We can coat the products as you wish.


We manufacture steel structures from RST, HST and hot rolled steel.

Our products

You can order the following products from us:

  • pipe clamps according to PSK, SFS, SSG and NOS standards

  • Wehotek and Logstor clamps

  • sliding bracket, pipe thread, spring hanger

  • steel load-bearing frames according to EX2

  • tubular wire PSK7307, 7308, 7309, 7310, 7311

  • sliding bracket PSK 7320, 7321, 7322, 7323, 7324, 7325, 7325, 7326, 7327, 7328

  • hanging brackets PSK7341, 7342, 7343, 7344, 7345, 7346, 7347, 7348, 7349, 7350

  • suspension spring PSK7353 SFS5393

  • nail guide PSK 7360, 7361

  • blocking piece PSK7362

  • platform bracket PSK7364

  • pipe supports for LM pipe PSK7372, 7373, 7374, 7375, 7376, 7377, 7378, 7379, 7380, 7381.

Versatile machinery

We are constantly renewing our machinery. A sufficiently versatile and modern machine fleet, together with our skilled employees, guarantees quality products.


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